monthly news for Saia employees
December 2018


This month's Letters highlight Saia employees that have received special thanks from some of our customers or the public.

Karla Staver
Director of Safety

Hello, my name is Chad Montgomery. I am a dispatcher for Cannonball Express in Omaha, Nebraska with over 20 years of experience. I am writing about one of your drivers, OMA City Driver Douglas Fisher. I had the privilege of following this driver for a couple of miles today.

I am not sure if your company monitors your drivers’ safety habits or standards in regards to public awareness, but I hope that you do. If you have the ability to find out who this driver was, I urge you to contact them.

This driver was probably the most courteous and alert driver I have encountered in a long time. He maintained traffic speeds, signaled at all turns, used his flashers and paused at a railroad crossing. He fully stopped at all stop signs. It was impressive.

This holiday season I hope that your company would reach out and reward such a valuable asset to your company. Well done!


Chad Montgomery
Cannonball Express
Omaha, Nebraska

Trey Mauldin
Regional Sales Manager

Hey Trey:

We have been tendering some new business to Saia. These deliveries are not easy and the customers are very hard to please. I have been giving GRL Account Executive Kristin Truesdale a heads-up on the first few for each account. Knock on wood, but they are going great!

She is a really good resource and I appreciate her.

Just wanted to say how great she is doing.


Richard Mason
Twin Med, LLC
Dallas, Texas

Via e-mail

I am a customer of Saia and really appreciate your customer service team. Could you please recognize a particular rep, BGO Customer Service Representative Brandon Mayhew, because this young man goes above and beyond the call of duty? I speak with customer service reps every day from various transportation companies, but he has the spirit of excellence.

My co-worker and I always hope Brandon answers the phone whenever there is a problem with our shipments. Even though Saia’s computer system can email me the tracking information, Brandon would always follow-up with a phone call until the issue is resolved. I can’t give you one example because there are so many of them! Your email server could not hold all of the countless times he has assisted me in getting my shipments delivered in a timely manner. He researches a problem and follow-through to ensure on-time delivery.

I encourage our load planners to ship every load with Saia as Brandon genuinely cares about our freight.
So, a big shout out to the best customer service rep ever - Brandon! To your personality, persistence, thoughtfulness, kindness, knowledge, and more!

Nan Hampton
Memphis, Tennessee